Dragy GPS performance meter

So I picked up a Dragy a couple nights ago on Amazon.

I always wanted a VBOX but could never justify the price.

Amazon had it for free same day delivery so I pulled the trigger.

Here’s my partial review, more to follow as I use and test it more.

The Android App

  • The app works well in terms of logging/retaining/reviewing the data
  • The UI definitely needs some work. Silly things like the password field tries to capitalize the first letter of the password, some text fields are small and hard to read on the go, some words are mispelled, etc…
    • My location says Huizhou Guangdong even though I entered it in my profile, it’s little things like this the app developer needs to fix.
  • The leader-board feature is pretty cool, it breaks it down by vehicle make in a bunch of different metrics like 0-60, 1/4 mile, etc…
    • As of this posting I have the 5th fastest BMW 0-60 time with a 4.88s!! (bet that doesn’t last long)


  • Very straight forward to use this device and app
  • Unbox it, charge it up, download the app and it connected via bluetooth with no problem at all and stayed connected the whole time I was using it


  • I tried a few 0-60 runs with the Dragy and the verdict is still out on how accurate it really is. I’m hoping to get to the 1/4 track fairly soon and will post the comparison
  • If anyone in the Bay Area has a VBOX and would be willing to do some side by side testing please reach out to me via the Contact me on the site, I’d love to really see how accurate this thing is
  • I am lucky enough to have access to test on a closed private road, the road is a little to short for a full 1/4 mile run but good enough for some 0-60 / 60ft runs


  • I was really struggling with traction, factory run flats on a cold night on a not so smooth road made for some tough launches. My best 0-60 run was a 4.88s
  • As for the 60ft time the best I was able to pull was a 2.16 which I suppose isn’t all that bad considering the tires/surface and that I’m a complete noob in terms of this stuff

Verdict (so far)

  • So far this is a sweet little device, personally the biggest factor here is how accurate it really is. They claim on Dragy’s Website it is accurate to .01 seconds but only further testing will tell. I’m looking forward to testing this neat little device some more on my own and on the webz.


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  1. I just bought one for my 2018 BMW M2. The M2 comes with BMW’s laptimer app that syncs to your car and records 0-60 runs. I tired it a few times but I doubt the legitimacy of the cars software so I bought Dragy. I live in Utah where my poor car will be struggling to get traction on these roads for a while. But the 60-120 could be tested and other measurements could be tested.

    1. I shouldn’t complain about traction compared to where you live! 🙂

      I’m still looking for someone in the Bay Area that has a VBOX to compare this thing to. The numbers seem accurate but before I say for sure I’d really like to compare it to a known accurate product. How’s your experience been with the Dragy?

      1. Unfortunately it’s not going to arrive until tomorrow, but when it does i’m going to give it a try! Have you seen Dragy’s Instagram? There are a few side by side videos comparing the dragy with vbox. I know this is off topic, but how has your experience been with the CTS turbo intake? I just bought one and I wonder how it’ll perform!

        1. The CTS intake has been totally fine. Basically installed the thing and haven’t looked back, no issues what so ever. It’s loud (which I enjoy).

          1. Awesome! I installed mine on Monday. Now, I am trying to decide if i should do a CTS intercooler or a more expensive CSF intercooler. Ive read the CTS turbo is a wagner rebranded, which isnt a bad thing at all. Any thoughts?

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