New Car! BMW F30 335i, mods/specs/thoughts/logs

Engine mod list:

  • MHD N55 Flash Tune, currently running stage 2
  • CTS Turbo air intake (click the links for the DIY’s)
  • CTS Turbo FMIC
  • CTS Turbo Downpipe
  • CTS Turbo charge pipe
  • Burger Motorsports JB Stage 1 Linked here
    • I like to call this the poor man’s MPPK, dyno chart’s vary but it seems to be good for around 30 HP and around 40 ft/lbs
    • I hope to get some dyno testing done with and without it. Here’s to hoping that happens.
  • Burger MotorSports JB4
    • Bluetooth rev 3 dongle
    • Flex fuel wires

335side1IMG_0298 IMG_0296 IMG_0288IMAG0320

Finally driving a car with some soul!


2013 BMW 335i built in January 2013 at the Rosslyn plant. German car built in South Africa. Wait what?! Ok but the SA cars have fewer defects than the German built cars, sweet! See here for details.

Miles when purchased: ~43000



Cosmetic Mods

  • Illuminated LCI AC/Radio Trim as detailed here on Bimmerpost
    • This is an illuminated trim piece from the 4 series Luxury line that goes around the center console controls. Compared to the standard trim piece, this one is illuminated and can change colors between amber and white. It has a glossy finish instead of the matte that came equipped with the car and adds to overall ambient lighting in the car.
    • The installation was pretty easy but the creation of the Y-Cable was pretty difficult. I totally had to mickey mouse the cable together as I nearly destroyed the PINS and the adapter. Do yourself a favor and get the cable made or purchase the special tool that crimps it.
      Illuminated trim in day time, glossy black
      Illuminated trim piece in “sport” color
      Illuminated trim in “classic” color


  • Brighter door lights and trunk light
    • Purchased a kit that supposedly fit my car from Horizon LED’s in England. When they arrived, NONE of the bulbs fit so I made them fit. I fitted 2 bulbs in the doors and 1 in the trunk. Much brighter with these bulbs
      Stock “bulbs” in doors
      Mickey mouse’d bulbs/trunk LED

  • Various codings done through tokenmasters E-Sys launcher pro
  • Blacked out front side reflectors bought from ECS tuning
    • An important note about installing these. Make sure you really spend A LOT of time removing the left over adhesive when you remove the original orange reflectors. I had to reinstall these things 3 times because of my lazy/dumb prep work.
    • If you need new adhesive, 3m VHB tape has worked really well for me since doing it the right way. You can find 1/2″ double sided Tapecase aka 3M VHB tape
      • For the final attempt I followed 3M’s surface preparation sheet found here, including using Alchol to dissolve the old adhesive, and finely sanding circles into both the reflectors and the interior of the bumper
  • Plasti-dipped the rear bumper reflectors black
  • Plasti-dipped front kidney grill
    • It was already a black kidney grill, however it was chipped, and slightly faded in the corners so I decided to dip it, came out really well.
  • Center console phone cradle delete
  • Kuda phone mount
    • Ended up purchasing this from Kuda direct and then then purchased this magnetic disc to use in conjunction with it
    • I was a bit in shock after spending so much on a phone mount but IMHO it’s totally worth it, looks totally stock and fits great and out of the way.

      Kuda phone mount with generic stick on magnet
      Kuda phone mount with generic stick on magnet


 Custom codings

ModuleSectionFunctionMy Value
(Default Value)
(werte = 2)
Change the triple blinker blinks to any amount. (Value is XX + 1)
Change Emergency brake light from Inner Brake Lights to Flashing Lights.
Door handle LEDs light up when engaged in Reverse
Auto-Start-Stop set to ‘Off’ at every startup
Allows the front windows to be rolled up while the door is opened
Open Windows/Fold Mirrors when holding Unlock on Key Fob
Close Windows/Fold Mirrors when holding lock on Key Fob
Unfold Mirrors on vehicle unlock via Key Fob or Comfort Access
Fold Mirrors when holding lock on Key Fob or Comfort Access.
(not aktiv)
Adds the vehicle’s current speed to the BC cycle list (Displays on KOMBI screen)
KOMBI3000BMW_LOGOChanges KOMBI/HUD startup to M/// Performance.
Enables/Disables the “Auto Start-Stop Off” notification in KOMBI
(not aktiv)
Add Tire Pressure and Individual Tire Temperature to the TPMS display
HU_CIC3001LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIMERemoves iDrive Initial Disclaimer
ACSM3000SBR_BF_GWF_SBR_BFnicht_aktiv / Werte=00 aktiv / Werte=01 Disable seat belt reminder - passenger
ACSM3000SBR_FA_GWF_SBR_FAnicht_aktiv / Werte=00 aktiv / Werte=01 Disable seat belt reminder - driver
Disable seat belt reminder - passenger
Disable seat belt reminder - driver
Disable initial 3 chime seatbelt warning
(not aktiv)
Air Conditioning will remember if ‘Off’ or ‘On’ from previous shutdown.
(not aktiv)
Allows the rear windows to be rolled up while the door is opened

Here is a link to a pdf on the F30 forums with all of these codes: F30 Super Cheat Sheet

Equipped options

1CA Selection Cop Relevant Vehicles Selektion Cop Relevanter Fahrzeuge
2PF 19″m Lt/aly Wheels Star Sp. 403m/mt 19″m Lm Raeder Sternsp.403 M/mb
2TB Sport Automatic Transmission Sport-automatik Getriebe
2VB Tyre Pressure Indicator Reifendruckanzeige
302 Alarm System Alarmanlage
319 Integrated Universal Remote Control Integrierte Universal-fernbedienung
322 Comfort Access System Komfortzugang
337 M Sport Package M Sportpaket
4DX High.trim Fin. Blue Met. Matt Akzentleisten Blau Met. Matt
4MR Int. Tr. Fin. Aluminium Hexagon Interieurleisten Aluminium Hexagon
4NE Blow-by-heater Blow-by-heizer
403 Glas Roof, Electric Glasdach, Elektrisch
423 Floor Mats, Velour Fussmatten In Velours
430 Int/ext Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-dazzle Innen-/aussenspiegel Aut.abblendend
431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend
459 Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. Memory Sitzverstellung, Memory
465 Through-load System Durchladesystem
481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger Sportsitze Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer
488 Lumbar Support Driver/front Passenger Lordosenstuetze Fahrer/beifahrer
493 Storage Compartment Package Ablagenpaket
494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger Sitzheizung Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer
508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc)
521 Rain Sensor Regensensor
522 Xenon Light Xenon-licht
524 Adaptive Headlights Adaptives Kurvenlicht
534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik
563 Lights Package Lichtpaket
575 Additional 12v Power Socket Zusaetzliche 12-v-steckdose
6AA Bmw Teleservices Bmw Teleservices
6AB Control Teleservices Steuerung Teleservices
6NF Ext.con.of The Music Play.i.mobilph Music-schnittstelle Fuer Smartphone
6NL Connect. Bluetooth A.usb Devices In Anbind.bluetooth-u.usb-geraete Inkl
6NR Apps Apps
6UH Traffic Information Traffic Information
6VA Cic Control Cic Zusteuerung
6WA Instrument Cluster W. Extended Cont Instrumentenkombi. M. Erw. Umf.
609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional
610 Head Up Display Head-up Display
615 Extended Bmw Online Information Erweiterte Bmw Online Information
655 Satellite Radio Satellitentuner
688 Harman/kardon Surround Sound System Harman/kardon Surround Sound System
697 Area-code 1 Area-code 1
704 M Sport Suspension M Sportfahrwerk
710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad
715 M Aerodynamics Package M Aerodynamikpaket
760 Individual High-gloss Satin Chrome Individual Hochglanz Shadow Line
775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite Individual Dachhimmel Anthrazit
8KC Oelserviceint. 24.000km/24months Oelwartungsint. 24.000km/24monate
8SC Country Spec. Release Of Teleservice Laenderspez. Teleservicefreisch.
8S4 Decoding Variable Light Distributio Decodierung Variable Lichtverteilun
8TN Daytime Driving Lights Selectable B Tagfahrlicht Ueber Lichtmenue Einst
840 High Speed Synchronisation Hochgeschwindigkeitsabstimmung
9AA External Skin Protection Aussenhautschutz
925 Shipping Protection Package Versandschutzpaket

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