The long awaited Dyno post! PWG N55 F30, FBO w/MHD Stage2+ flash tune

Finally got to the dyno!

Found a shop very close to my house and decided to just go for it.

Plan is to keep this thread updated with any dyno results (hopefully I can do it more often, time and financials)


Conditions were great today:


I’m really happy with the results, while I don’t have a baseline (will do it next time for sure) it seems like on the forums the stock F30 N55 almost always dyno’s around 270hp and 270ft/lbs

Using those figures as a baseline this setup netted me + ~62HP and ~140 ft/lbs. of torque!.



It’s been said bunch that the PWG turbo is well… Tiny. The dyno run and logs show that, once it get’s into higher RPM’s that tiny little compressor just can’t push the volume of air needed to make the chart go up.

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