Hardwiring a Battery Maintainer on an F-series BMW 335i (NOCO G7200)

In preparation for installing a dash cam that will stay recording while the vehicle is parked, I purchased a battery maintainer from Amazon.

The plan is to hard wire the dash-cam to the fuse box in conjunction with a Power Magic Pro

The power magic pro is suppose to shut off the device when the battery reaches the set point. It has decent reviews, we’ll see what happens when I get the dash cam.

The goal of this DIY is to make battery charging/maintaining as easy as possible, I find using the quick connector a little easier and cleaner than using the clamps.

If you want a T50 Torx I used this one from Amazon

Technical skill
Time commitment
PITA factor

Back to the charging!

I picked up a NOCO Genius G7200

I’m not sure how important the AGM (Absorbed Glass mat) battery charging feature is but I figure it can’t hurt.

The NOCO comes with two connections: Your standard jumper cable style battery clamps and a ring terminal wire. They both have the proprietary NOCO quick connect/disconnect.

Method 1: You DO HAVE a T50 Torx

  • Disconnect your positive battery terminal in the trunk, high chance of causing sparks here
  • Undo the passengers side rear engine cover
  • Insert your T50 Torx and loosen the battery jump stand off connector
  • Insert the NOCO provided eye connecter and tighten up, pretty straight forward.

Method 2: If you don’t have a T50 Torx

On the 335i I found a terminal where the positive line could go if you don’t have a T50 Torx. This isn’t a very common Torx to have so here are the details on the other available spot.

This is located on the passenger side of the vehicle under the cowl cover. I just removed the nut, placed the eye socket on the bolt, and tightened it down.IMAG0327


For the ground, I used this torx screw on the passenger side hood release mechanism. It fits snugly in there and doesn’t interfere with it’s function at all. You can tuck the wires in nicely.IMAG0328


Quick connect with cover
Quick connect with cover flipped off



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