Finding a spray bottle that doesn’t suck

As silly as it may seem, I have had a hell of a time finding a good spray bottle. Unfortunately most I’ve tried have leaked… A lot. Some have broken, some create a vacuum so strong the bottle collapses on itself, etc… Who knew it would be so difficult to find a spray bottle that actually works well.


Below you will find an ongoing test of sprayer bottles. I’ll update as they work/fail/whatever.

Walter Surface technologies 53L350

My current recommendation!


Spray Master 32 ounce

Really wish the first one didn’t break so easy.


  • Paid $7.99 at my local OSH store
  • Filled with Sonax wheel cleaner
  • Pros
    • Lots of fluid per pump, works great for wheel cleaner
    • Large bottle
    • “5 year guarantee” by manufacturer
      • After it broke, OSH took it back for exchange no questions asked, no receipt
  • Cons
    • Leaks from sprayer head onto pump handle
    • Leaks from Pump seal
    • Sprayer bar broke after one use


Delta Sprayer Orbital Sprayer


  • Paid $4.99 from my local OSH store
  •  Pros
    • Sprays at any angle, upside down as well
  • Cons
    • Still testing but so far so good



Auto-zone industrial sprayer

Garbage, tried 2 of these, same issues on both


The honest company spray head


  • Paid nothing, came with products the wife ordered
  • Tested with Meguiars Last touch spray detailer
  • Pros
    • It was free? Sort of…
  • Cons
    • Leaky
    • Blotchy, spray head set to mist, but shoots out blobs of product
    • Sprayer head does not tighten down properly on various bottles, head just swivels everywhere, tightens fine on the Honest company branded spray bottle

Sonax Wheel Cleaner full effect bottle (refilled/recycled)

Still working strong, no leaks ever.


  • Pros
    • Nice locking sprayer nozzle
    • Does not leak at all
  • Cons
    • Small bottle
    • Low volume per pump
    • Cannot put the sprayer head on different bottles

Meguiars quik detailer (refilled/recycled)

Wish these would last more than a few refills


  • Pros
    • Ultra fine mist
    • Does not leak at all
  • Cons
    • Hard to refill, the sprayer head tends to break at the bottle joint after a few refills
      • I really like this sprayer but once that sprayer head gets unseated it will never be the same. You can pop it back on but it will continue to fall off


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